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Learn how to sponge paint with a little help from The Home Depot. Sponge painting is fast, easy and inexpensive. In this video you will learn the many techniques and color effects used to achieve

Option 1: Dampen sea sponges before dunking in paint and wiping off any excess, dripping paint. Dab onto the furniture gently, but randomly. Dab onto the furniture gently, but randomly. One of the beauties of sponge painting is that you don't have to apply the sponge exactly the same each time for it to look good.

43 Examples of Sponge Painting Techniques by application. The photo above is an example of basic sponging on. by room. Sponge painting techniques are appropriate for any room in your house - by surface. Sponge painting techniques are suitable for any flat, by design. Sometimes

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Many sponge techniques use a small, handheld sea sponge; however, when covering large walls, using a sponge roller speeds up the process. A sponge roller is used in faux painting to create a unique wall finish.

Sponge painting is an easy faux finish that produces stunning results. AsktheDecorator.com host Meghan Carter demonstrates sponge painting techniques and sha