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Small is Beautiful - follows four people as they try to gain independence by building their own tiny house, but their desire to live tiny is more difficult than they imagine. Matt Hickman, writes "… It shows that tiny house building isn't the proverbial walk in the park that it's often made out to be. It's hard.

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100 PHOTOS OF BEAUTIFUL TINY BUNGALOW & SMALL HOUSES. These small bungalow house for a small family with one or two bedroom is still very popular.From Wikipedia: "A bungalowis a type of building, originally fromBengal,India, but now found throughout the world. Across the world, the meaning of the word bungalow varies.

60+ Incredible Tiny Houses You'll Hardly Believe Are Real. This tiny home located in Sag Harbor, New York, is just 600 square feet — but if you're an artist, it just might be your dream come true: There's a separate studio that is basically everything a writer or painter could ever want for crafting their masterpieces.

Beautiful Small House Design This house has two bedrooms with one bathroom. This type of house is perfect for small family and can be considered as one of many affordable living homes out there.

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