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5 Celeb Inspired Hairstyles you can try out this Christmas

The 35 Best Holiday Pop Songs. Nicole James. List #1 Mariah Carey, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" The venerable modern classic! Period! End of story! 1. Next. filed under. Lists.

100 Greatest Contemporary Christmas Songs: Criteria: Chosen for ongoing popularity, impact, importance, and strong association with the holiday. This list includes all eras of rock as well as contemporary pop and country; Christmas songs include both religious and secular songs as well as songs

Yesterday Bonnie and I tackled the 15 best Christmas songs (secular division), and now that we've done our good deed, it's time to get down and dirty with the songs we hate. Once again, we

Top 10 New Christmas Songs of 2013 By Hannah Goodwyn Senior Producer. - Every fall, Christian record companies send out their new Christmas albums for review. This year, music fans are blessed with a smattering of revamped classics and uniquely original songs that help to usher in the holiday season.

The Modern Christmas Tree, or Memory Tree, was chosen to be featured at Walt Disneyland's Christmas festivities in 2012, and The Denver Art Museum has also contacted Bliss to display one of their new white trees as a display for artist ornaments in their gift shop.

Turn the page to see the top three best Christmas movies of the last decade, including one that might be a BIG surprise! 3. Iron Man 3-- Shane Black gets two entries on this list, and the second