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Sofas constitute one of the most diverse product groups, with designs that are meant to be comfortable, beautiful, practical, playful, formal or any imaginable combination of these. Countless architects, artists and designers have contributed their designs, whether as a wholly new innovation, or as a refinement of an earlier type.

Top Sofa Design Trends 2016. Wooden sofa set are in the list of the latest trend in 2016 due to their popularity as they are very light weighted ,easy to handle and very much cheap as compare to other but not less stylish in any way than other designs.

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Best Sofa Designs For Living Room In India: Here are our 9 simple and latest sofa designs for living room. Let's have a look into them. 1. Cottage Style Sofa Set: The cottage style set is the traditional style of existence. These are the sofa set designs for small living rooms. These are mostly fabric and wooden type sets.

The latest sofa design and news including a 3D-printed sofa built from a minimal mesh and a sofa made from modules that can be carried like suitcases