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L-shaped kitchen ideas – for a space that is practical

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An L shaped kitchen is not a new thing in home designing. It's a very common design for the kitchen. There so many ideas you can explore about this design. From the L shaped counter to L shaped island table, all of them are suitable and flexible for any style.

L-shape kitchens are popular because they work well where space is limited, they set up an efficient triangle connecting the three workstations—sink, cooktop, and refrigerator—and they allow the kitchen to open to another living space. An L-shape kitchen is easy for two cooks to share, and it lends itself to the addition of an island.

L-shape Kitchen Perfect for Medium Sized Kitchens. Convenient for small to medium-sized homes, the L-shape kitchen conjoins two adjacent countertops to form an L design. This versatile layout offers homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel or new kitchen install the promise of open design while maximizing space.

True to its name, the basic L-shaped kitchen has two "legs" of base cabinets covered with a countertop. Typically, one leg is longer than the other leg, and the longer leg provides most of the counter space.

A trademark of L-shaped kitchen design is the use of one or two adjacent walls in the design. Some L-shaped kitchens use both walls and feature banks of upper and lower cabinets on each wall of the "L." Other designs feature only one standing wall as the base of the "L" and an open countertop.