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10 French Decorating Techniques to Elevate Your Aesthetic

Decorating for Halloween can be fun; the only downside to decorating is that it costs money. If you are looking to decorate your apartment on a budget, then we've got you covered, because here are some ways you can decorate for Halloween without breaking the bank.

When decorating your work space in an apartment, the biggest challenge is keeping a clear surface and getting your storage under control. Do not think of your desktop as a storage surface. Instead, find other places to store clutter and paperwork, such as desk drawers or file storage.

Apartment decorating ideas for your new entryway Entryway shopping list: Narrow table, cabinet or bench. This will be your entryway focal point and the catch-all for keys, Mirror. Hang a mirror over your table or bench.

This title should probably be amended to "Ways to Decorate Any Space on a Budget" but today, I specifically wanted my 30-something year old self to give some advice to my former 22-year old self. So, seven ways to decorate your first apartment on a budget, it is! After graduation, Read More

23 Cleverly Creative Ways To Decorate Your Rented Apartment. Stop worrying and keep your rental deposit. You can even add some rustic charm by decorating with a faux brick wall.

12 Ways to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget Embrace the Small Space. At first, the small square footage of a one-bedroom or studio apartment may Use Mirrors to Make the Room Seem Bigger. Taking advantage of an apartment's small square footage Salvage or Buy Used Furniture. Furniture can