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4,000 square foot Colorado shipping container house [PHOTOS]

Containers of Hope is by far one of the most famous shipping container homes ever built. The home was designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe architects for the Peralta family. Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta wanted to live in the countryside, but they were worried about rising property costs and getting themselves in debt.

HGTV's series Container Homes crisscrosses the country following builders who are giving their clients the homes of their dreams -- made out of shipping containers. From simple, affordable tiny homes to a luxurious, tricked-out complex made up of over a dozen containers, there's no end to the creativity of these custom box homes.

The home is the first modern shipping container home designed and built in Ireland, one that utilizes four 45-foot shipping containers to create two cantilever forms. The home's layout has been

This shipping container home was built out of two containers for $40,000 with enough room (1,000 square feet) for the family that commissioned Benjamin Garcia Saxe to build it. The architect hopes to expand his affordable container living project to other parts of the world.

Container home by Custom Container Living. When it comes to homes, it's understandable why shipping containers are coveted; their affordability, durability, and portability are attractive to those seeking a living space that is quick to build and won't keep them in debt for decades.

You've seen them splashed across the covers of glossy magazines: eco-chic homes made of corrugated-steel shipping containers. They range from single retrofitted containers on scenic woodland plots