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If you're considering a bathroom with a black-and-white theme, you'll want to browse several black-and-white bathroom decor ideas. Black-and-white bathroom design is a versatile approach that can be applied to just about any style of bathroom, from the stoically traditional to the ultra-modern.

Gray and off-white work together to bring a sense of faded elegance, and the subway tile in the brick pattern visually separates the shower space from the rest of the room. The stark white floor makes for a wonderful contrast. This is a great example of how to use the beauty of Scandinavian design in your bathroom.

Featuring Benjamin Moore's Moonshine pale gray shade, this spacious bathroom by Soucie Horner uses layers of white and gray to keep the decor classic, timeless, and traditional. Classic marble tile contrasts with a pure white porcelain freestanding tub, while dark gray curtains and silver accent table give depth and richness.

Some flowers do particularly well in bathrooms, especially tropical ones. The combination of low light, high humidity, and warmth helps them thrive. Keep a vase of tropical flowers like orchids, chrysanthemums, begonias, or hibiscuses (or mix and match them) to give your white bathroom a pop of color.

"The number one rule when decorating a white bath applies to all baths: Plan carefully, edit your choices, and select a designer or architect whose taste aligns with your own," advises Sallick. "These three things are essential to the success of the bath."

Crafting an all-white bathroom that's full of visual interest can be quite challenging, but these designers prove that the right layout and accessories can bring the space to life. See 38 of our favorite all-white bathrooms across a range of styles.