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10 Countriest Wedding Cakes You'll Ever See - Wide Open

Sep 19, 2019 - Rustic wedding ideas and inspiration. Look to plan a rustic wedding? Check out our rustic wedding ideas on decor, flowers, dresses and more. All of our rustic wedding ideas have come from real sources so it is easy to go back and see where these great rustic wedding ideas are coming from.

A modern wedding celebration is the perfect choice for contemporary couples. Crystals, dramatic lighting, sleek lines and minimalist elements are the main features of modern wedding. We gathered the best modern wedding decor ideas that will surprise your guests.

115 Wedding Processional Songs to Set the Tone for a Magical Day From traditional to contemporary, country to Disney inspired, we've got the ultimate list of wedding processional songs!

Camille Fontanez Photography. The moment a bride begins her walk down the aisle is an important and dramatic one. And the bride entrance song truly sets the tone for the entire ceremony. Therefore, you definitely want to choose a song that best suits your wedding ceremony's look and feel.

Gone are the days of wedding reception music consisting of nothing but the same tired crooners and cheesy party standards. Couples today are choosing wedding music that reflects their tastes whether they be traditional, more modern, or a mix of both. Wedding music need not be limited to the classic wedding songs.

Your criteria for choosing the perfect first dance song doesn't end there. You also have to consider your wedding theme. Country songs would seem out of place at a traditional wedding, but a country wedding song first dance would feel right at home in a barn or rustic wedding. Some examples of great country wedding songs are: