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23 Dramatic Black Ceiling Ideas

Gray and white kitchen ideas that use a mixture of the two neutral colors can have great results. As seen in the image above, excellent use of materials can make a kitchen. In this example, we have Arabescus white marble countertops and backsplashes, with beautiful white, gray and black streaks strewn all across the surface.

Blue and white stenciled Super pretty blue and white stenciled deck lends quirky charm to this yard. Source: We're not saying there's anything wrong with opting for a classic natural wood stain for your new decking addition but, before you do, take a look at these amazingly colorful painted deck ideas!

Black houses can be so beautiful. Black houses can be beautiful, but would you ever paint your house black? Sure, we've all seen white houses with black shutters, but a black house with white trim, now that is a house exterior to behold as you will see.

So I hauled out my art supplies and decided to make my own black and white art. I spotted a great black and white painting on Pinterest and that was definitely my inspiration. I didn't achieve an exact replica (far from it), but it was a fun challenge to try to imitate someone else.

A simple painting inspired by nature, featuring bamboo shoots and leaves, becomes a work of graphic design when rendered in black watercolor on white paper. Painting in only black creates a dynamic negative space on the white paper, which almost makes the image abstract.

To the expertly trained eye, not even a perfectly manicured lawn can mask, say, a poor paint job, sloping roofline, or mismatched windows. Of all the essential makings of a well-executed exterior (color, symmetry, scale), contrast is chief among them. And, of course, no opposing pair brings the drama quite like black and white.